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What are the challenges in your life?

Stressed and anxious? Sad and depressed? You may be struggling with a relationship, your career or a past experience.


Sometimes it's just a sense that you're falling behind and struggling to keep pace with everyone else in your life.


Heartwork Services are Counsellors in Dundee who aim to work with you in a calm and sensitive manner.

Common problems we work with include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Low self esteem

  • Difficulties managing emotions

  • Difficulties relating to traumatic events

  • ​Bereavement

Anxiety Counselling

The tension, worry, persistent thoughts, and inability to relax associated with anxiety can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting.  Fortunately, Counselling is a highly effective treatment. We offer theapy in Dundee, and throughout the UK online to work with those in need of support.

Anxious Office Worker
Low Self-Esteem Counselling

The lack of confidence about who you are and what you can do can often lead to you avoiding social situations or things that you may find challenging.   Thankfully, there are various counselling approaches that can offer a solution to support you in rebuilding a sense of engagement with the world.

Woman on Window Sill with low self-esteem
Bereavement Counselling

The period of grief and mourning associated with the death of someone close to you is a natural part of reacting to that loss.  The feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety, and despair are normal responses.  However, there may come a time when you require support to process those feelings. Counselling can provide a safe, warm, and non-judgemental space to explore those feelings in a constructive way.   We offer Therapy in Dundee, and online throughout the UK, to allow you to discover how you can process your grief.

Therapist and Bereavement Client at Counselling in Dundee
Depression Counselling

The persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest, and inability to find satisfaction in those things where you once found pleasure can make life difficult to manage.   Although it can often feel impossible working through the underlying causes of your depression in counselling can restore hope and support you to discover  the confidence and resilience that you have to deal with the challenges life presents you with.

Depressed Man sitting on bus.
Trauma Counselling

The flashbacks, nightmares, disrupted sleeping pattern, and accompanying anxiety can be emotionally and physically debilitating. It may  feel like there is no escape from the recurring symptoms.  Talking through the traumatic events and exploring the issues through well-established counselling techniques is generally regarded as the most effective solution.

Stressed Woman in Dundee suffering from trauma
General Health and Wellbeing

There is not always a specific reason to attend Counselling.  Sometimes there is just a sense that life has gone off track.  In fact, it is very common to not always be able to place a finger on exactly why we are feeling the way that we feel. Counselling provides a safe place for you to explore your feelings about a range of issues.  By taking an hour out of your busy schedule for reflection can provide an opportunity to address any matter causing you concern in Counselling.  Reach out to explore the Therapy in Dundee we can offer in person and throughout the UK online.

Psychologist Session

If you are ready Heartwork Services is here to help you take the first steps to overcome the challenges in your life.  We offer Counselling in Dundee and throughout the UK.  Contact us for a free counselling consultation by telephone to see if we are a good fit for you.

(Created: 30/11/2021)

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