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Face to Face Counselling In Dundee

Face to Face Counselling with our Dundee Counsellors

Face to Face Counselling involves the client meeting with the Counsellor in person to explore how best to work with the client.


Research demonstrates that exploring the troubling feelings in our lives with a Counsellor has a positive benefit.  Through Counselling it is possible for you to manage repressed emotions and overcome the challenges that you face.

Everyone has their own methods of overcoming the challenges which life throws at them.  Often people rely on friends and family members and the support they can offer.  However, there are times when some additional support is required.  Seeking out professional and unbiased assistance from a Counsellor is invaluable.

If you are ready Heartwork Services is here to help you take the first steps.  In person Counselling appointments are available with a skilled Counsellor in Dundee at our offices at 278 Blackness Road.   We offer a Free Counselling Consultation by telephone for 20 Minutes to see if therapy in Dundee which we offer is a good fit for you.

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