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Walk & Talk Counselling in Dundee

Walk & Talk Counselling with our Dundee Counsellor

Instead of office-based counselling you meet your counsellor outside and walk in the open air.  The Scottish weather is far from certain.  However, a heavy coat or an umbrella will solve the problem or if you prefer it is easy to reschedule as an office or online appointment.

The sessions will usually last for around 50 minutes and there is nothing physically strenuous about the walk.  The walking pace is slow to moderate and there is no running or even fast walking.   The sessions can take place almost anywhere.  However, our Dundee Counsellors reccomend tranquil areas of nature, such as Camperdown or Balgay Park.

There is a body of clinical research which recognises the positive psychological benefits of walking in the open air.  Exercise in general is known to help reduce anxiety and promote stable mental health.  Each day is an opportunity for a new beginning.  Heartwork Services can support you through our Walk and Talk Counselling in Dundee and the surrounding area.  We also offer a Free Counselling Consultation by telephone for 20 Minutes to see if what we offer by way of Therapy in Dundee is are good fit for you.

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