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Chat Room Counselling in Dundee and Throughout the UK

Chat Room Counselling with our Dundee Counsellor wherever you are in the UK.

Chat Room or instant messaging Counselling, as it is sometimes known, takes place in real time.  This type of Counselling takes place using the written word with the aid of a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other suitable electronic device which can connect to the internet. 


Even though our Counsellor is based in Dundee, the Counselling can take place from any location in the UK where you feel comfortable as long as there is a good internet connection.  Communicating non-verbally online offers an enhanced level of anonymity.  The Counselling session takes place using a secure chatroom software to ensure that your anonymity is maintained.

Most of the communication is text based.  However, depending on the devices used pictures, videos and images can also be shared if it is appropriate.   Chat Room Counselling is suitable for most people.  However, it is particularly useful for anyone who struggles with direct communication, such as those suffering from social anxiety disorder or agoraphobia.  All the Counselling sessions you arrange can all take place through a chat room format, or it can be used as a steppingstone towards a more direct form of Counselling. 

There is a growing body of clinical research which recognises the therapeutic benefit of writing down your thoughts.   Our Dundee Counsellor is ready to communicate with you if you are ready.   We offer a Free Counselling Consultation by telephone for 20 Minutes to see if we are good fit for you.

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