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What our Client's Say

Testimonials using initials to preserve anonymity.

Heartwork Services and our Dundee Counsellor welcomes feedback from our clients.  If you feel like leaving a testimonial or a review we would love to hear from you using the links below.


Can't recommend enough.  I'm at ease with sharing.  I have accessed other Therapists in the Tayside area, but none have provided such a bespoke service as Claire. Her natural way of being put me at ease within moments during our walking and talking sessions and the strategies she tentatively suggested helped me become 'unstuck', not only in her presence, but also as tools I can and have applied in my everyday life. Thank you!!


There aren't enough words i can use to thank Heartwork Services for their time and the help they've given me.  I  was going through a very difficult time in my life, one of which I didn't know what the outcome would be for me, but the help and support i received from Heartwork services was incredible.  For anyone who's unsure, has doubts ,or just need someone to talk to please don't hesitate to get in touch.


I find it difficult, at times to express myself but Claire is so easy to talk to. She doesn't make me feel alone and is so understanding. I'm so fortunate to know her. Absolutely recommend Claire to everyone.

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