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Privacy and Confidentiality


The counselling offered is confidential.  This means that all interactions between you and your counsellor are confidential.  This includes any requests made by telephone, all interactions with the Counsellor, any scheduling or appointment notes, all session content records and any progress notes that are taken during your sessions. Heartwork Services will not even verify that you are a client. However, you can elect to grant permission in writing to release any or specific information about you to any person or agency that you designate.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

There are a few rare and exceptional circumstances when your information may require to be shared with another person or organisation without your consent.  These include:

  1. If there is a serious concern that there is risk to you, the public or another person's safety, particularly if a child is at risk of serious harm.

  2. If there is a legal obligation concerning your knowledge of or part in a serious crime.

  3. If there is an order of Court requiring the disclosure of the information.

Generally, it is unusual for a situation to arise where information requires to be shared without your consent.  However, when this happens Heartwork Services will always try to seek your consent before sharing your information.

If you are ready to take the next step towards Counselling Heartwork Services are ready to discuss matters with you.  We offer a Free Counselling Consultation by telephone for 20 Minutes to see if we are good fit for you.

(Last Update: 30/10/2021)

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